Friday Productivity Check

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What the heck did I do this week? Well, here’s the run-down:

  1. Put out a new printable called Viruses
  2. Put out a new printable called RNA Translation
  3. Wrote and created an interactive online course for Viruses (Private link, sorry!)
  4. Wrote two scenes for the fourth book in my series – these are the very first two scenes. So basically, I started a new book.
  5. Wrote two blog posts on this blog (my author blog)
  6. Wrote two blog posts on the Junco Blog (Fake character blog)
  7. One titled: How to Make Mapolina (A disgusting fake food my alien peeps eat)
  8. One post is actually a full-fledged video in After Effects – The Top Ten Quotes from CLUTCH
  9. Sent an e-mail to past customers at CurrClick (that’s where I sell my non-fiction science stuff)
  10. Answered numerous e-mails for website customer service
  11. Sent out a freebie newsletter and promoted it on TSH Facebook page
  12. Promoted the Junco blog on Facebook
  13. Signed up for the KB WC – Facebook thread and liked a bunch of people.
  14. Oh, and did my real job – phone calls, reports, conference calls.
  15. And, I just made a whole new 500+ page product based off several earlier products I launched last year. This will go on sale Monday after I finish making printable picture quizzes.
  16. Took part in a massive online contest (Homeschool Giveaways) – Which reminds me – need to find out who the winner is so I can send them their prize…

Well, that’s all I can think of right now.  I like the idea of a Friday Productivity Check. Was I unusually productive this week?  No.  I typically write a lot more fiction, but these two printable products needed to get out, so I sacrificed.

Next week I’ll do it all again – plus I think I’m part of a really huge back to school sale next week too…will have to look into that.  I also have a farm inspection in Southeastern Colorado, so that takes up my whole Friday – and a meeting in Denver in Thursday. This weekend I need to put that big product together, write a unit study on Yellowstone National Park, make a PowerPoint and interactive course, and start the final edit on my first book (two months till launch day!!!!!)

Here’s to productivity – what did YOU  do this week?

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