Friday Productivity and a Snake

Posted August 4, 2012 by Julie in Productivity Check / 2 Comments

Well, holy crap!  It’s Friday again!  What did I get done this week…

  1. I did an inspection for work yesterday and attended a meeting. (so fun)
  2. I played around on Goodreads, which I consider work 😉 because it’s my author page and all.
  3. I wrote a new fake blog post for Gideon
  4. I bought a new plotting book called Story Engineering. Really great book. I’m about to read it again.  First I borrowed it from Amazon using my Prime account, but then I wanted the paperback to keep. So I ordered that.
  5. I ended my big sale for my non-fiction today (actually, ends at midnight) and made a nice bit of moo-lah. That will come in handy considering I will need to pay the editor another $1000 before publishing.
  6. I wrote a new unit study called National Parks of America – it’s pretty cool too – so far I’ve made the PowerPoint – tomorrow if I get my 5000 words in and make a freebie for the upcoming Shark Week, I’ll do the narration and build the course. It will be out on Monday most likely.
  7. I ordered some stuff for my son’s birthday – both my kids and I all have our birthday’s within 3 days of each  other, so next week is big!!  He wants a $500 graphics card too, so thank God I did well with that sale…between the kids and the editor I’ll be broke again in no time.

That’s pretty much it – I did schedule a book promotion ad for January 3rd for Clutch…and I retouched the covers (again). I keep looking for more promotional opportunities but so far I’ve got two blog tours lined up, a Winter Web Hunt, a new author ad at Night Owl Reviews, A KND ad running on December 27, and this Kindle Author ad for January 3rd

Promotion and marketing work better if you plan ahead – I’ve lined up just about everything I can think of, so hopefully it works.

That lovely fella in the picture is a bull snake my dog found today. They hiss and sound like a rattlesnake at first, but then when you get up close to them, you can see they have no rattle, just that striped tail. Still, they freak me out because bull snakes are not known for being pleasant. It was about 3 inches in diameter and if I had to guess maybe 5-6 feet long.  Pretty big!

Anyway – have a great weekend!

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2 responses to “Friday Productivity and a Snake

  1. That is one BIG bull snake. Really good photograph of it. And he’s coiled up like a rattlesnake preparing to strike.

    Very scary.

  2. Julie

    Thanks! I used a telephoto lens, so I wasn’t that close, still – he looked like he meant business and my donkeys were making him nervous! 🙂