EXCERPT from RANGE – I Am Just Junco Book Four

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selia_enigma_backgrouindToday is all about Selia – we met Selia back in Clutch – book one of the I Am Just Junco series.  She’s in Flight for a little bit as well, but in Range, Selia really comes into her own. Selia is BADASS.  She’s Junco, but with fashion sense and not insane.  And this is one of my favorite scenes with Selia in the new book –  Sera has just talked Junco into doing something stupid and she’s about to pay the price…

Teleport now, Junco!

I fling myself again and this time the tunnel is short and the landing quick. I crash into the side of a boulder sitting up next to a giant red rock, my shoulder flaming with pain as look around to see how far I got.

Not far.

I laugh a little, not far at all. About a hundred yards. Sera is gone and the small troop of attackers are running around in a panic. I wait for them to see me but they are aiming at something else now. I spot a cloud of dust and dirt heading straight towards me from the east and squint my eyes to see what it is.

A vintage Humvee. Like the Goat.

The armed men, who I am unable to identify by uniform but who might be Desert Republic soldiers, are following the racing vehicle on gravs.

I hear frantic screaming coming from the vehicle and try and dial up the vision to see what’s up.

A girl, it looks like. Flailing her arms out of the drivers side window.

She screaming my name.

I try to get up and wince as the blood leaks out of the wound in my side, then crack a smile as I realize who the crazy girl is.


I stumble over a few large boulders and half limp, half run, towards her. She gets about fifty feet away, turns the wheel and skids sideways in the sandy dirt, then grabs a high-powered rifle and climbs to the back of the vehicle and starts spraying bullets. I reach the vehicle and take her place at the wheel.

“Drive!” she screams.

The engine is idling so I throw it into first and the tires spin for a fraction before finding traction, and we lurch forward. I shift again, and again as we pick up some speed.

I look back at my friend.

“What the fuck is going on?”

“Go north, Junco! We gotta get out of the Utopia!”

Oh shit. The Utopia soldiers do not fuck around if you’re in their country illegally. I shift again, press on the gas, and we bounce along the uneven desert scrub, as I come straight up out of my seat when I take a the dozens of prairie dog holes at more than 110 mph. I groan as I land hard and I can hear Selia cursing at me in the back, but I’m preoccupied for a fraction by the pain in my side. My right hand reaches down and comes back sticky and red with blood.

I take my attention back to the road as the whine of grav bikes catches up with us and Selia starts shooting again.

“Get over the border, Junco! We gotta make the border!”

I can see the border. It’s not that far away actually and I’m pretty fucking sure we’re gonna make it. But the problem is that there’s lots of soldiers over on that side of things as well.

“Those guys friendlies, Sel?” I scream at her.

“NO!” she comes back with. “Get over the border and then you gotta port us somewhere far, you got it, Junco? Somewhere FAR!”

“What the fuck? I just learned how to do that like five minutes ago, ya know! I’m not a fucking exp—”

“On three!”

“On three, what?”

She stops shooting, throws the rifle out the back window and then climbs up into the front passenger seat. “Port us!” She’s flush with adrenaline, her face red and her eyes racing. “Right before we hit that wall of soldiers up there!”

“This does not sound like a plan,” I say back to her. But I have no time to wonder because they are shooting at us from the front now too.


Oh shit. Tier is gonna kill me. So bad.

“Two.” We are only about fifty yards away now and my foot pushes down on the gas as we gain some speed. Bullets fly by my head as plasma fire reaches out to grab the metal chassis and the entire truck is electrified as Selia screams—


I tap her shoulder like Lucan and Tier do to me and pray to God she’ll come along for the ride as I fling us forward.

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