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JA Huss


I actually have a lot of stuff to cover in this blog post! First, there’s a new cover today! The Boyfriend Experience is book three in the standalone series, Jordan’s Game, and there’s a giveaway that goes with that.

Theses books will begin releasing in AUDIOBOOK in JUNE. So stay tuned for those pre-orders. I will post them when they go up!

The paperbacks are in for the first two books in this series. I made new covers for the Jordan’s game books. I was sick  of the dark covers and i think these are very “Spring-y!” So I hope you like them.

The Pleasure of Panic (Book two in this STANDALONE SERIES) is publishing next TUESDAY! So ONE WEEK from today! While Total Exposure was a little bit dark and internal, The Pleasure of Panic is exactly what is sounds like! Fast plot, fun sex, and yes, it has a classic JA Huss perfect ending with lots of twists. Jordan is an interesting guy and we finally get a little peak at what he’s really up with with these games…

Which leads me right into The Boyfriend Experience – today’s cover reveal. No matter what YOU think the “boyfriend experience” is, that’s not what this BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE is. So take a peak at the cover and read the description because it’s pretty fun!

Jordan's Game
Total Exposure

Total Exposure

From NYT Bestselling Author, JA Huss, comes a new sexy standalone in the Jordan's Game series. Evangeline's life is dark and lonely. She'll do anything to change that. Anything. Even play a game with a stranger she's never met. What starts out as "therapy" soon turns into a passionate anonymous love affair. Her blindfold is like a security blanket and his touch is what lights a fire inside her.

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The Pleasure of Panic

The Pleasure of Panic

From NYT Bestselling Author, JA Huss, comes a new sexy standalone in the Jordan's Game series. Issy is about to have the night of her life! Her sexual fantasy is about to come true thanks to Jordan Wells and his little fantasy fulfillment business. Or is it?

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The Boyfriend Experience

The Boyfriend Experience

From NYT Bestselling Author, JA Huss, comes a new sexy standalone in the Jordan's Game series. Oaklee Ryan needs a boyfriend but not for any of the reasons you might think…

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Play Dirty

Play Dirty

From NYT Bestselling Author, JA Huss, comes a new sexy standalone in the Jordan's Game series. Augustine Braden fell in love with two men in college and was forced to choose… but now she wants them both.

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It’s springtime on the ranch but that just means more snow. We get most of our snow in the spring around here. Which is good. I don’t mind spring snow at all because we need the water for grass to feed donkey over the summer (they don’t get hay in the summer! Fuckers have pasture for a reason!) so I took some snow pics and then edited this one of Blue and Luna in Phototaster app. I love that app. If you’re looking for a good one that is fairly cheap, try it out.  Makes my dogs look handsome! 

This is my first spring on the ranch so I’m getting use to all the changes outside. One of which is the WOODPECKERS who seem to have migrated north again and there’s a gang of three who think my house is a nice place to find bugs. If you’ve never had a woodpecker on your house it sounds like a jackhammer. Which is weird because this particular species (the northern Flicker) is kinda small. but damn, if they don’t know how to make some noise.The same day I discovered our new woodpecker friends I spotted a ferruginous hawk on the top of one of my pine trees. The cool thing about this house is that it sits on a hill, so my main floor windows are the same height as the tall pine trees. So that hawk was right at eye level with me. And it was huge. I guess they are the largest species of hawk in North America. I thought it was an eagle at first. (These bird pics are from Shutterstock, BTW. I wish I could take pictures like this!)

There’s a lot of things going on outside right now. Last week my dogs found the remnants of a deer that must’ve been killed by coyotes. So that was fun. Blue carried around a rib bone for a few hours before I could sneak it away and throw it out. Luna ate hers. lol. No chance of getting that away from her at all.

We had a nice Easter and I got my kids (who are both all grown up!) these Easter Baskets. And then the other night there was a full moon so big, it looked like the sunrise instead of the moon rise. I took a picture but it was with my iPhone, so it’s crap. I really need a new camera so I can take better pictures of the ranch for you guys!


We had a huge giveaway for the Sin With Me Release (That’s the Julie & Johnathan book!) so we’re announcing all those people today. 25 winners in all. You have ALL been emailed. Please reply to that email to claim your prize. 🙂


Ginelle Blanch

Kimber Nilsson

Amanda Prigge

Cassandra D Happyb

Abby Reads


Jennifer O’c

Kimberly Sciacca

Sheryl Bingham McDaniel

Lacey Waters

Jessica Tate Sankiewicz

Dusty Dawn

Kim K

Amanda Harrison Biles

Stephanie Young

Artemis Giote

Diana Magaha

Traci Arnett

Sharon Reading

Tami Czenkus

Salena Hernandez

Liezel Felix

Rose Sharon

Diana Doan

Jennifer Rote

Linda Szymoniak

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About JA Huss

JA Huss is the New York Times Bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today Bestseller’s list 21 times in the past five years. She writes characters with heart, plots with twists, and perfect endings.

Her new sexy sci-fi romance and paranormal romance pen name is KC Cross and she writes novels and teleplays collaboratively with actor and screenwriter, Johnathan McClain.

Her books have sold millions of copies all over the world, the audio version of her semi-autobiographical book, Eighteen, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award and an Audie Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Her audiobook, Mr. Perfect, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017. Her audiobook, Taking Turns, was nominated for an Audie Award in 2018. Five of her book were optioned for a TV series by MGM television in 2018. And her book, Total Exposure, was nominated for a RITA Award in 2019.

She lives on a ranch in Central Colorado with her family.

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26 responses to “Cover Reveal The Boyfriend Experience

  1. Latifa Morrisette

    A gentleman to me is someone who opens the door for you and respects everything about you

  2. Sherrie S

    Some day I will complete my JA Huss collection in paperback. So far, they’re all ebooks. Some day I will retire and presumably have disposable income that is not spent on my kids. Perhaps. Someday….

  3. Sherrie S

    LOL. Some day I will learn to read the instructions! A gentleman is someone who treats others with kindness and uses their manners.

  4. Lg Reads

    A gentleman is someone who is respectful of woman, who takes pride in behaving with class and honor

  5. Erika Lang

    To me a gentlemen is someone who shows respect to those around him and treats his woman like a queen!

  6. Kimberlee Wertens

    A gentleman is someone who asked you what you need and gives to you before taking for him.

  7. Jennifer O'Connell

    Being a gentleman means caring for those you love and being honest and true to them.

  8. Diane Dykes

    A gentleman shows you respect in all things, values your opinion, and practices chivalry. In my opinion, it should not be dead!

  9. To me, a gentleman is a man that will support your decisions (when they’re healthy-or make sure you realize they’re stupid/harmful, but in a kind way), help you when you need it, protective, provides what you NEED…and, no, I don’t mean just a sugar daddy, lol!. Strong, kind, loving…

  10. Andrea Atalay

    A gentleman pays attention. A gentleman knows that respecting precedes being respected. A gentleman adapts and learns. A gentleman tells the truth attractively. BTW, a lady is all this, too.

  11. sammie lynn

    A gentleman is one that respects me and everyone around him. One that supports me.

  12. A gentleman will treat me with respect, will care for my wants and needs (in and out of the bedroom, of course), will make me feel important and especial. A suit doesn’t make a true gentleman, being respectful, responsible, hard working, honest, and caring does.

  13. sgatlantisrulz

    A gentleman treats a woman with curtsy and kindness, is well mannered, and polite, thoughtful.

  14. A gentleman treats all people with respect, especially women. But sometimes a lady might need a bad boy in the bedroom where he isn’t always a gentleman, just someone to fulfil her fantasies 😃