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$100 Giveaway and How to Plot a Long Series

$100 Giveaway and How to Plot a Long Series

  GIVE ME SOME SHOPPING MONEY GIVEAWAY! ROUND FOUR! Every week this month I’m teaming up with a few of my favorite author friends to help you win $100 AND FIVE SIGNED BOOKS! This week’s giveaway is sponsored by: Brenna Aubrey Johnathan McClain Bethany Lopez Gina Robinson Chelle Bliss And every giveaway post also has an author tip. Last week was about How to launch Your Book and you can read that HERE. Today’s author tip is “HOW TO WRITE […]

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$100 Giveaway and Writing Great Hooks

$100 Giveaway and Writing Great Hooks

GIVE ME SOME SHOPPING MONEY GIVEAWAY! Round Two! If you missed it last week all this month I’m teaming up with some author friends of mine and we’re giving away signed books and $100 EVERY WEEK! Congrats to last week’s winner, who will be notified by email. If you missed last week and you’re an author, you also missed a craft post. It’s about writing heroes, so if you’re into that you can go check it out here. My next […]

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$100 Giveaway and Writing Great Heroes

$100 Giveaway and Writing Great Heroes

Welcome to November! I think almost everyone is getting ready for two things: ONE – the Holidays TWO – The NEW YEAR! So this November I’m having some “Give Me Some Shopping Money” Multi-Author Giveaways. Each week in November I’ll have a new $100 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs courtesy of a few of my favorite author friends. This week’s giveaway is sponsored by:   AMAZON AMAZON AMAZON AMAZON IN KINDLE UNLIMITED! iBOOKS iBOOKS IN KINDLE UNLIMITED! NOOK NOOK […]

Story Art Writing Amazing Villains

Story Art Writing Amazing Villains

  If you want to listen to the post instead of read it (I like to listen to podcasts while I do busy work, so hey, maybe you do too) just click play in the player down below. 🙂 I haven’t done a craft post in a pretty long time. Mostly because I was too busy the first half of this year, but also because I just didn’t know what to write about next after The Perfect Story. But I’ve […]

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Writing Tip Wednesday – POV/Characters

Writing Tip Wednesday – POV/Characters

Welcome to video four of The Perfect Story. This is the first craft video outside of story structure. I think learning how to create good characters is one of the best skills you can have as a writer. Sure, the plot is what carries the reader through the story but you can fuck up a lot of things in a book and still have a hit if you write amazing characters. So I hope you some insight in this video […]

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Writing Tip Wednesday – Middles and Scenes

Writing Tip Wednesday – Middles and Scenes

Welcome to video two of The Perfect Story. Last time we talked about writing beginnings and what makes a good one. This week I’m talking about writing the middle of your story as well as writing scenes. Remember, new videos in this course release every two weeks on Wednesdays. One thing to note is that I have changed up the videos a little. After giving it some more thought I have added and combined a few topics. So is here […]

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A Writer’s Life for Me

I’ve been a writer, at least half-time, since 2008.  Wow – time really flies.  It was October 2008, to be exact, so roughly about four and a half years now.  And if there’s one thing I’ll say about writing for a living, it’s that it’s a lot of freaking hours.  Your butt has to be in that chair for like – every waking minute, almost. You think I’m kidding.  No.  Unfortunately, I’m not.  Yeah, it gets better once you get […]

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Anti-heroes in Science Fiction – Can a Girl be an Anti-hero?

Watch a special Christmas message from Junco and the Gang! I’ve been wanting to blog about this topic since last summer but I was just too busy to get it down on paper so I tucked it away for later.  But I’ve been seeing quite a few posts about what makes a strong female character lately, and while some of this fits into the anti-hero trope, really the anti-hero is a horse of a different color.  My favorite possibility for […]

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On Writing The End…and How it Leads to Beginnings

I wrote The End this week.  After about four months and more than 100,000 words, book four is finished. Well, sorta.  Because really, only the first draft is completed.  Normally I don’t do a lot of edits in the first draft.  I do edit – I proofread as I go to make it easier later.  But normally I DO NOT delete large chunks of text.  But that NaNo thing really screwed me up.  I deleted about half of it.  I’ll […]

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The Pros and Cons of Marketing Your Book – Marketing Mondays

This is a new series on the blog and it will deal with, wait for it…book marketing.  For this week I’m going to start out slow and give you the pros and cons of marketing your book or books. You’d think that there would be no cons, but that’s not entirely true.  I’m a big marketer – I’m into this stuff. I like to sit around and think up ways to get people involved in my products, and then think […]

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Building Convincing Characters and First Person POV

I love meeting new characters; in fact I can love or hate a book solely based on the characters alone.  The plot can be lacking, the setting thin, but if the characters are well-developed I’m typically a happy reader. This is because plot doesn’t get a reader emotionally involved in the story.  Sure, a twisty thrilling plot can get you excited or make you anxious or scared, but the only reason you feel those emotions is because you care about […]

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Plotting the Series – Fictional Characters in the Beginning

Last week I wrote about plotting the standard story structure through a series, this week I’m going to illustrate how you plot the beginning of the series as well as the beginning of a standalone book. Not all people hate a cliffhanger, but I’d guess and say most people do.  I do.  I really hate getting to the end and I’m left hanging with no closure.  And I know from reading Goodreads reviews that lots of people agree with me […]

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Plotting the Standard Story Structure

I haven’t blogged in a few days, but I have been writing.  I’m not making 2500 words a day, but close.  I write in scenes and sometimes a scene is just over and I’m not in the mood to start a whole new one just to make word count.  Besides, I have to have the scene mapped out before I can write it.  I never just make shit up as I go. I’m also more than 50,000 words into this […]

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