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Goodbye Junco

Goodbye Junco

This series is about aliens. Aliens who came to Earth thousands of years ago, then left. And left lots of things behind. Including people. And then they RETURN. Clever title for Book Five, right? I spent two years writing the Junco series. In fact, I pretty much spent all of 2012 doing nothing but writing the first four and a half books of Junco. I spent most of this year writing about Rook and Ronin. Except this last book, RETURN. […]

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Just a shitload of news

Wow – what a week. If you’re on the homepage of this blog, you can see the post below was an announcement for my annual open house at Simple Schooling, which is the subscription website I run for homeschoolers. Before I wrote fiction, I wrote non-fiction. A lot of non-fiction. Anyway, I have two huge promotions each year. In May I run a week long open house where I let anyone come on the website and sample ten of my […]

Winter Constellations

Yes, I’m bragging a little because I spent fourteen (FOURTEEN) freaking hours marketing yesterday for various promotions I had going.  Simple Schooling released two new products yesterday – a printable Microscopes unit (now sitting at #14 at CurrClick) and a new Complete Course – Winter Constellations. I made the original unit of Winter Constellations last year – as I did with all my “Classical Nature Study” units.  But I didn’t make an interactive unit on purpose so I could make […]

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On Writing The End…and How it Leads to Beginnings

I wrote The End this week.  After about four months and more than 100,000 words, book four is finished. Well, sorta.  Because really, only the first draft is completed.  Normally I don’t do a lot of edits in the first draft.  I do edit – I proofread as I go to make it easier later.  But normally I DO NOT delete large chunks of text.  But that NaNo thing really screwed me up.  I deleted about half of it.  I’ll […]

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The Motherlode of Turkeys

Yesterday was inspection day so I thought I’d chronicle another day in the life of a farm inspector. This day was pretty boring.  I woke up early, got distracted by e-mails and numbers and all sorts of stuff so got on the road late.  Forgot to feed my animals before I left, drove into Denver, thankful I’d be missing Romney’s motorcade out in Golden, picked up my state car (which was a Ford Escape Hybrid. I like that car, it […]

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Non-Fiction Update

I finally finished the Tree-Leaf-Seed course.  I cannot believe how long it took me to get this thing done.  Too much narration for the activities.  Every time I get the bright idea that I’ll narrate all the vocabulary and quizzes so that the little kids can mostly do it on their own, I regret it afterward!  It’s so time consuming.  And boring. Anyway, this is the new promo graphic.  I’ll promote this next week, Monday I think, and it will […]

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