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$100 Giveaway and Writing Great Hooks

$100 Giveaway and Writing Great Hooks

GIVE ME SOME SHOPPING MONEY GIVEAWAY! Round Two! If you missed it last week all this month I’m teaming up with some author friends of mine and we’re giving away signed books and $100 EVERY WEEK! Congrats to last week’s winner, who will be notified by email. If you missed last week and you’re an author, you also missed a craft post. It’s about writing heroes, so if you’re into that you can go check it out here. My next […]

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$100 Giveaway and Writing Great Heroes

$100 Giveaway and Writing Great Heroes

Welcome to November! I think almost everyone is getting ready for two things: ONE – the Holidays TWO – The NEW YEAR! So this November I’m having some “Give Me Some Shopping Money” Multi-Author Giveaways. Each week in November I’ll have a new $100 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs courtesy of a few of my favorite author friends. This week’s giveaway is sponsored by:   AMAZON AMAZON AMAZON AMAZON IN KINDLE UNLIMITED! iBOOKS iBOOKS IN KINDLE UNLIMITED! NOOK NOOK […]

Book Blitzes and Tours for Authors – Interview with Giselle from Xpresso Tours

Book Blitzes and Tours for Authors – Interview with Giselle from Xpresso Tours

I’m very exited to have this interview to share with you today. I know the Indie Book World is changing so fast heads are spinning. And with all this change come doubts about how you spend your advertising dollars, what works, what doesn’t, and it can be overwhelming and confusing. I’ll start this post by saying I’m a HUGE proponent of cover reveals and release day book blitzes. I have been using Giselle for FIVE YEARS. I don’t actually know […]

MARKETING MONDAY: Making a Kick-Ass Book Trailer

I skipped Marketing Monday last week – sorry.  I was finishing up a new book and that sucked all the life out of me.  Since the last post I did was on cover art and artists, this week I thought I’d shed some light on how I make a book trailer. I know what you’re thinking – book trailers suck, they’re boring, and they have no bearing on sales. Maybe.  That might all be true, but if you have a […]

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Marketing Mondays: Custom Book Covers for Self-publishers

This week I’m going to do something a little different and fun. I have used digital illustrators for all my covers that are out so far. Four of them were with James Ledger Concepts and the first book was with Alex Tooth, who created the Junco character from scratch. I figured many authors might be thinking about going with a digital illustrator, especially if you’re in fantasy or SF, because this is pretty standard for these genres, and maybe you’re […]

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Marketing Monday – All About Book Blog Tours

I was not going to do a Marketing Monday today but it’s been a long day of editing and most of it has been awful so I wanted to stop for a while and do something else.  It’s not so much the editing, there’s not that much to fix really, but can I just say some days Scrivener makes me want to bang my head against my desk. I love Scrivener, but come on.  I copy the text from the […]

MARKETING MONDAYS: How to Use Goodreads as an Author

Yes, this post is like two months overdue.  I’m so freaking busy it’s unbelievable and I did make a video to put up, but I forgot to do something in Camtasia, then YouTube wouldn’t accept it, and I said screw it. I was just over at Kindle Boards reading a thread about the NYT doing an article on Goodreads, and as per usual, people started talking about how hard it is to navigate.  I don’t understand this but here’s what […]

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How to Make a Book Banner for a Book Blog Tour

I wrote up a post about how much I love book tour banners over at new Adult Addiction and since I have Range and Magpie Bridge releasing on April 1, I went ahead and made up the banners to go with the tour that will run from April 1-30. I’ve got a lot of sign-ups for the tour – which is pretty cool because I was thinking if I got ten or twelve blogs to do a two week tour […]

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The Epic EPIC Fail that is Facebook Pages – Marketing Mondays

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to work around using Facebook to market these days due to the Pay to Play nature of the business.  It’s like Chicago-style politics came to social marketing, and I’ll tell you what – I’m not interested. I get it, if you’re Pepsi or Coke or any other billion dollar corporation, this whole deal is just par for the course.  You pay for advertising all the time.  I pay, sometimes.  But if I […]

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Five Basic Tips for Marketing Your Book

Mention the words marketing and promotion and you might send certain people into anaphylactic shock, that is how much authors loathe doing either. No me though.  I consider myself if not proficient in both marketing and promotion, at the very least, effective.  This is not due to my Indie fiction sales, but instead to years of marketing my non-fiction on my own websites, as well as on larger marketplaces which are not Amazon.  I’ve sold more than 50,000 books doing […]

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Printing Covers

I’ve been struggling with trying to get the covers for Clutch, Fledge, and Flight to print true after they get sent to Createspace, but it just wasn’t happening.  My awesome camera can make just about anything look good, but that middle book has a cover that is almost black in normal light.  Fledge and Flight were even worse.  No way was I printing them like that. I enlisted Scarlett Rugers for some help in adjusting the color and her recommendation […]

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OFFICIAL Release Day for Clutch

Yes, I know it’s been out for two weeks already, but today was the official date that I had in my head when I started this little fiction writing venture at the beginning of the year. What a FANTASTIC day for me!  Seriously, I woke up to a really great review from Kat over at The Book Tart.  Just amazing review that made my whole day.  Then I got a really awesome Goodreads message from a fellow author, Christi Snow, […]

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Clutch and Fledge on Amazon

This is called the mad-dash to the finish line.  The e-book edition of Clutch went live over the weekend and Fledge went live early Tuesday morning.  The first proof of the Clutch paperback arrives tomorrow and once I get over all the angst that comes with choosing a font (Garamond 12) and trim size (5.5X8.5) maybe I’ll be able to enjoy it! The only other things to report right now are the new promo graphics I made last night.  (See […]

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Fake it till ya make it

Friday seems like the only time I have to do any blogging for myself these days.  This week I had blog posts by Tier, Lucan, and Junco.  If you haven’t visited the website yet and read the comments under the posts, you’re missing out on some funny stuff!  These characters are so fun outside of the story!  Sometimes the blog posts are interesting – Lucan’s was this week (How to Make Junco Love You) but mostly it’s what the team […]