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DEAR SANTA: Bring Me Some Promo Sign-up Form

DEAR SANTA: Bring Me Some Promo Sign-up Form

So last year on New Adult Addiction (my personal book blog) I ran a little promo thing for authors (who are not me) called The 13 Days of Gift Card Giveaways. And I had an overwhelming response from authors wanting to be featured. Unfortunately there were only thirteen spots and it was a rush thing on my part so most of the people on it were friends who saw my post first. So this year I’m gonna do it different. […]

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Just a shitload of news

Wow – what a week. If you’re on the homepage of this blog, you can see the post below was an announcement for my annual open house at Simple Schooling, which is the subscription website I run for homeschoolers. Before I wrote fiction, I wrote non-fiction. A lot of non-fiction. Anyway, I have two huge promotions each year. In May I run a week long open house where I let anyone come on the website and sample ten of my […]

Resolutions for 2013

I hate making resolutions.  Goals, yeah, I’m on board with goals.  But resolutions never seem to make it back around to the next December. I did, however, have a pretty successful 2012 in that I published three full length novels and wrote a fourth.  I started writing Clutch on January 3, 2012 and I published all three books on October 1 (actually, it was like September 19th I think).  So yay for me. Nonetheless, I am now self-employed (with all […]

I Blame NaNoWriMo

So, I’m doing pretty well with my NaNo.  I could definitely “Win” if I wanted to. I’m just not sure winning is a good thing anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, NaNo got me to write almost 40,000 words as of today, but I think it came at a price. To my story. I was in a rush every day to get my stinking word count or make up for the previous day’s word count. So?  You ask.  What’s wrong with […]

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Bring on 2014

I am an obsessive planner – I just can’t help it.  It’s not even the end of October and I’ve got the next 15 months planned out. I’m an obsessive plotter too, and this is why my fourth book is stalled right now.  I’m playing around with a few different directions and unlike some writers – I see no purpose of writing everyday just for the hell of it.  Either I’m going in the right direction or I’m weighing my […]

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Fake it till ya make it

Friday seems like the only time I have to do any blogging for myself these days.  This week I had blog posts by Tier, Lucan, and Junco.  If you haven’t visited the website yet and read the comments under the posts, you’re missing out on some funny stuff!  These characters are so fun outside of the story!  Sometimes the blog posts are interesting – Lucan’s was this week (How to Make Junco Love You) but mostly it’s what the team […]

The End of the World

I was lying in bed last night and a story idea came to me like BLAM.  Ever had one of those?  No, unless you’re a writer, probably not. But anyway – I don’t usually write down ideas like that – I always come back to them somehow if they are great, and if not I replace them with great ones. But this one I wrote down.  Here’s the gist of it: What if technology gets so advanced that people forget […]

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