Bring on 2014

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Science Future Plans

I am an obsessive planner – I just can’t help it.  It’s not even the end of October and I’ve got the next 15 months planned out.

I’m an obsessive plotter too, and this is why my fourth book is stalled right now.  I’m playing around with a few different directions and unlike some writers – I see no purpose of writing everyday just for the hell of it.  Either I’m going in the right direction or I’m weighing my options and thinking things through.

I don’t mind editing, but rewriting is not something I like to do.  Why put down words if you’re just gonna take them out?  That’s dumb.

At this point in the story Junco and Tier are at a crossroads – he’s got an agenda, she’s got an agenda…and while they both want to have the same agenda, it’s just not happening.  I mean, what’s the point of that?  We have a fifth book to write!  There’s no happy ending in Book Four! (Just kidding, I swear it won’t be as sad as Book Three, I promise.)

November is finish Book Four month.  December is edit Book Four for the editor.  But October is work-your-ass-off-and-make-products-people-want-for-the-holidays-if-you-want-to-pay-the-bills month.  And since I’m pretty sure, almost 100% positive, that I’ll be out of a job in January (and seriously, they better not say – “Oh, never mind. You can stay.” Because I’ve already got short-timers, I tell you what) I need to capitalize on the holiday sales season so that I can afford to pay for editing and advertising and blog tours and all that fun shit in the new year. Not to mention I need to buy winter hay, which is gonna run me about $1000 this year because of the f-ing drought.

So, I’ve got lots of things planned for the next two weeks.  I’m overly ambitious, but I’ve got to get this stuff done. Most of it is simply re-working last year’s products into another format and bundling stuff together.  That always works. Plus I have two advanced biology units that need to go out (Microscopes and Controlling the Genome).

But December 1-13 are the Twelve Days of Freebies at The Simple Homeschool, so I’ve gotta come up with new things so the people that come every year don’t get frustrated with getting the same stuff as last time.

This brings me to the new classroom I’m gonna start.  I bought the iJoomla GURU component last freaking year and never made my new classroom, so the Twelve Days of Freebies this year is gonna include the first of a series on Art through the Seasons.  This will be a freebie class.  Of course, I will also need a pay course option on the upsell that deals with winter (which might run about 8 bucks.  I’m still thinking on that).  So the last two weeks of November, I’m making a new classroom.  I already have the website up, I just need to upgrade the Joomla on that site and load up the GURU.

In January I’m writing a novella based on Tier’s POV after the end of Book Four.  We need that because something big is gonna happen to Juncs.  Plus, novellas are hot these days, especially when you have a series tie-in.  That will hold people over to the final book is ready in late summer or early fall.

February and March are all about making up for the lost income from my “real” job and I have two websites I’ll be working on – both classrooms on how to work from home as a writer – non-fiction for one and fiction for the other.  Plus a marketing class that, if you ask me, almost all writers need because they don’t really get how to do the whole promotion thing.

From there it’s all about Book Four launch and promotion, writing Book Five and starting a new series – which I’m totally excited about. This one is a true paranormal romance with a SF slant.  A good slant.  And this girl is not anything like Junco.  It’s gonna be fun.

And by the time that comes around it will be launch day for Book Five, holiday season at The Simple Homeschool, so making new products for 12 Days of Freebies, and another year gone.

Man, time really flies.

Now, there is that little End-of-the-World thing that might disrupt all this careful planning, but bah…who gives a shit?  Better to go out fighting, that’s what I always say.

Bring on 2014!

Julie Huss

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