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This week’s productivity check is going to be a little different.  You see, all three books are now off to my awesome editor, RJ Locksley for the final read-through.  And I’m not quite sure what to do with myself tonight!  Tomorrow and Sunday I will write like mad to make some progress on the fourth book (called RANGE).  I’ve neglected it for two weeks now and it needs some serious attention.  That Junco is doing all kinds of crazy things in my head.

But for tonight I thought I’d reflect back and take stock of what I’ve done and how I’ve planned for the release.  I have no idea if anyone will buy these books, but if they don’t it won’t be because they’re poorly written, not edited, have a crappy cover, or no publicity.  Because I’ve done all of that.

So here’s a rundown of what I’ve done:

  1. Planned three book tours with three different companies (I wanted to check them all out and see who’s on top of things and who gets results – results = publicity and reviews).
  2. Ad on KND for December 27
  3. New Author Debut promo package on Night Owl Reviews for October
  4. Release day blitzes for all three books via all three tour companies (two are in October one is in November)
  5. Winter Wonderland Blog Hop with Night Owl reviews for December-January
  6. Ad with Kindle Author on January 3rd (IF I have an average of 4 stars on my reviews)
  7. KindleBoards banner ads for December 27-29
  8. Kindle Select Freebie for December 27-29
  9. Free e-copy of CLUTCH (Book One) to certain blog stops on tour if they join my newsletter
  10. Each blog tour has a $100 prize for a giveaway.
  11. I also have a website, book trailers and a YouTube channel, Facebook page.
  12. Goodreads Giveaway for an autographed ARC – currently this has almost 250 people signed up and 55 people have CLUTCH marked as “to-read” on their book shelves. I also added all three books to “Lists” that fit my genre or character – currently they are on nine lists.
  13. LibraryThing giveaway – this is an e-book giveaway and I have 35 people signed up.

I am hoping to get about 20-30 reviews from the blog tours and giveaways to build momentum for the Select freebie the week after Christmas and get picked up by the big freebie sites like Pixel of Ink and Ereader News Today.

So there you go – this is my current marketing plan as of today.  The books will all be up in Amazon by the third week in September and the fun starts October 1!!!!!

Some authors might think this is overkill, but I’m a realist.  Overkill is way better than underkill.  I’ve also been in the business of selling e-books for several years now, in fact I was interviewed on a radio program today for my non-fiction business. So I’ve been around the block when it comes to marketing over the internet.

Personally, my philosophy is you only get to publish your first book once (or first three books in my case) so you better make it a BFD.

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