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Printing Covers

I’ve been struggling with trying to get the covers for Clutch, Fledge, and Flight to print true after they get sent to Createspace, but it just wasn’t happening.  My awesome camera can make just about anything look good, but that middle book has a cover that is almost black in normal light.  Fledge and Flight were even worse.  No way was I printing them like that. I enlisted Scarlett Rugers for some help in adjusting the color and her recommendation […]

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OFFICIAL Release Day for Clutch

Yes, I know it’s been out for two weeks already, but today was the official date that I had in my head when I started this little fiction writing venture at the beginning of the year. What a FANTASTIC day for me!  Seriously, I woke up to a really great review from Kat over at The Book Tart.  Just amazing review that made my whole day.  Then I got a really awesome Goodreads message from a fellow author, Christi Snow, […]

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How to Survive the Apocalypse

BY: LUCAN Let’s face it, 2012 is the year. We only have a matter of months before some ancient tribal calendar runs out or those people eating faces off in Florida spread some airborne viral mutation that will either make us all sick with the Stephen King Super Flu, or turn us into zombies straight out of a bad B-movie from the 80’s. I’m trying to picture Junco with big hair-band hair. Wait. Isten with a mullet is far better! […]

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Clutch and Fledge on Amazon

This is called the mad-dash to the finish line.  The e-book edition of Clutch went live over the weekend and Fledge went live early Tuesday morning.  The first proof of the Clutch paperback arrives tomorrow and once I get over all the angst that comes with choosing a font (Garamond 12) and trim size (5.5X8.5) maybe I’ll be able to enjoy it! The only other things to report right now are the new promo graphics I made last night.  (See […]

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Clutch Update

Clutch by J.A. Huss September 7, 2012 Clutch is on track for publication October 1, 2012. The final edits were completed this weekend and the blog tours begin the first week of October! Lots of free copies of Clutch will be given away on the various tour stops, so stay tuned if you’re looking for a freebie! 😉 New Facebook Timeline at the website And be sure to grab the mini-banners below and add them to your website or blog! […]

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New Goodreads Giveaway for CLUTCH

Goodreads Book Giveaway Clutch by J.A. Huss Giveaway ends October 07, 2012. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win ****AUTOGRAPHED COPY****   Please follow and like us:0

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Fake it till ya make it

Friday seems like the only time I have to do any blogging for myself these days.  This week I had blog posts by Tier, Lucan, and Junco.  If you haven’t visited the website yet and read the comments under the posts, you’re missing out on some funny stuff!  These characters are so fun outside of the story!  Sometimes the blog posts are interesting – Lucan’s was this week (How to Make Junco Love You) but mostly it’s what the team […]

Book Launch Prep

This week’s productivity check is going to be a little different.  You see, all three books are now off to my awesome editor, RJ Locksley for the final read-through.  And I’m not quite sure what to do with myself tonight!  Tomorrow and Sunday I will write like mad to make some progress on the fourth book (called RANGE).  I’ve neglected it for two weeks now and it needs some serious attention.  That Junco is doing all kinds of crazy things […]

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a bum and some coyote pups

Today was an inspection day for me. This means I get up very early, drive into Denver (about an hour away) pick up a state vehicle, then drive for four hours out to some very rural part of the state to do a quick inspection of a hog farm. Sometimes there are many farms to look at, dozens. Other times I have just one or two. Today I only had one and nothing weird happened at all unless you count […]

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CLUTCH Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway Clutch by J.A. Huss Giveaway ends September 05, 2012. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win Please follow and like us:0

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I Made This Business

I’m gonna brag all about me today.  I never say enough about my awesome success as a non-fiction science writer so today is all about that. My most recent product, Shark Week Mega Funbook, is sitting at number one.  Now, this is nothing new for me – every time I release a product and promote it, I sit at number one.  But mostly I just keep my mouth shut about it. But not today. Because I have thirty plus products […]

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Friday Productivity and a Cake

Yup. The weeks are just flying by.  Week three productivity check is come and gone.  That October 1 deadline is coming up real fast.  Anyway, here’s what I got done this week: New real blog post here (The End of the World) New fake blog post for Esta New fake blog post by Ashur And by the way – in case you’re wondering what these “fake” blog posts are…they are real blogs and posts. But they are in character. Each […]

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The End of the World

I was lying in bed last night and a story idea came to me like BLAM.  Ever had one of those?  No, unless you’re a writer, probably not. But anyway – I don’t usually write down ideas like that – I always come back to them somehow if they are great, and if not I replace them with great ones. But this one I wrote down.  Here’s the gist of it: What if technology gets so advanced that people forget […]

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