Month: November 2012

#BadAss Junco Quote of the Week

“He wasn’t that careful, Lucan. I think you’ve got him mixed up with someone else.” “He put a lot of effort into you. Not just as a soldier. But as a child. Why teach you that horse sport? Why teach you to play an instrument? Why give you a God? He took you to church? Every week?” I swallow and nod as my face begins to feel hot. “Men who want to kill their grandchildren don’t do those things, Junco.” […]

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Five Basic Tips for Marketing Your Book

Mention the words marketing and promotion and you might send certain people into anaphylactic shock, that is how much authors loathe doing either. No me though.  I consider myself if not proficient in both marketing and promotion, at the very least, effective.  This is not due to my Indie fiction sales, but instead to years of marketing my non-fiction on my own websites, as well as on larger marketplaces which are not Amazon.  I’ve sold more than 50,000 books doing […]

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I Blame NaNoWriMo

So, I’m doing pretty well with my NaNo.  I could definitely “Win” if I wanted to. I’m just not sure winning is a good thing anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, NaNo got me to write almost 40,000 words as of today, but I think it came at a price. To my story. I was in a rush every day to get my stinking word count or make up for the previous day’s word count. So?  You ask.  What’s wrong with […]

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Review Human.4 by Mike A. Lancaster

I picked Human.4 by Mike A. Lancaster up in paperback because I thought my son would like to read it.  He’s not a reluctant reader, but he doesn’t read unless I make him do it for homeschool.  I like science fiction so I typically choose SF for him as well.  Oddly enough, he’s never once complained about my choices. So I picked up Human.4 for him, handed it over, and he read it.  I asked him what he thought and […]

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My Number One Fan?

He really doesn’t even have a name…I just call him Bird.  He’s a major pain in the ass. Major. Pain. In the ass. He just tore the cover on that Clutch book on the desk (which is my personal copy, thank you) and now he’s trying to eat the globe. He thinks sitting on my head and playing with my hair while I type is fun, but God f-ing forbid I try and touch him. He screams like a girl. […]

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The Pros and Cons of Marketing Your Book – Marketing Mondays

This is a new series on the blog and it will deal with, wait for it…book marketing.  For this week I’m going to start out slow and give you the pros and cons of marketing your book or books. You’d think that there would be no cons, but that’s not entirely true.  I’m a big marketer – I’m into this stuff. I like to sit around and think up ways to get people involved in my products, and then think […]

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Goodreads Book Giveaway Clutch by J.A. Huss Giveaway ends January 19, 2013.  See the giveaway details at Goodreads.  Enter to win AUTOGRAPHED I Am Just Junco TRILOGY + Swag (Mug, Postcards, Stickers, and Bookmarks) Picture yourself standing at the edge of a dock… Now picture yourself lost in your own head, utterly unsure of yourself, surrounded by people who want to use you, take you away, or simply kill you. This is Junco Coot, aged 19, year 2152, daughter of […]

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Building Convincing Characters and First Person POV

I love meeting new characters; in fact I can love or hate a book solely based on the characters alone.  The plot can be lacking, the setting thin, but if the characters are well-developed I’m typically a happy reader. This is because plot doesn’t get a reader emotionally involved in the story.  Sure, a twisty thrilling plot can get you excited or make you anxious or scared, but the only reason you feel those emotions is because you care about […]

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Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop

THE HOP The 3rd Annual Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer GIVES THANKS  to all our awesome blog followers!  THAT’S YOU! It works like this: Each participating blog hosts a giveaway and then we link up together allowing our followers to hop easily from one giveaway to another. For followers, it means lots of chances to win free books. For blogs hosting giveaways, it means lots of new visitors and followers. It’s a […]

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Plotting the Series – Fictional Characters in the Beginning

Last week I wrote about plotting the standard story structure through a series, this week I’m going to illustrate how you plot the beginning of the series as well as the beginning of a standalone book. Not all people hate a cliffhanger, but I’d guess and say most people do.  I do.  I really hate getting to the end and I’m left hanging with no closure.  And I know from reading Goodreads reviews that lots of people agree with me […]

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Thankful for Books Giveaway Hop!

THE HOP The Thankful for Books Giveaway Hop, hosted by Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Tristi Pinkston, works like this: each participating blog hosts a giveaway and then we link up together allowing our followers to hop easily from one giveaway to another.  For followers, it means lots of chances to win free books. For blogs hosting giveaways, it means lots of new visitors and followers. It’s a win-win! The Thankful for Books Giveaway Hop is […]

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Plotting the Standard Story Structure

I haven’t blogged in a few days, but I have been writing.  I’m not making 2500 words a day, but close.  I write in scenes and sometimes a scene is just over and I’m not in the mood to start a whole new one just to make word count.  Besides, I have to have the scene mapped out before I can write it.  I never just make shit up as I go. I’m also more than 50,000 words into this […]

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NaNoWriMo – Day Three

Day Three I did 1922 words today but it seriously took me all day to get this scene down in my head before I started writing. The previous scenes were action, which rarely involves theme in my writing. But today was a slowdown scene, you know – those scenes in between the action where characters reflect and think about the bigger picture. That’s what this scene was.  I started planning it this morning around 6 AM and it took me […]

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NaNoWriMo – Day Two

DAY TWO!  WOOO-HOOO. I can see that this NaNo thing will get boring really fast so I’ll spice it up tonight.  I didn’t get 2500 words today, only about 1800. But I gotta think about the next move here or else it will be boring and I’ll have to re-write it and that SUCKS.  I hate re-writing.  Such a  waste of time. Anyway, Junco’s face is all over the place, but no one has ever seen my interpretation of Selia.  […]

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