Month: October 2012

I Knocked Myself Out of Number 1

I put out two new products this week: Tundra Biomes Nature Study Tundra Biomes Lapbook They are at #1 and 2 right now, after kicking out Tree-Leaf-Seed, which has been sitting there at #1 since the day I uploaded it on October 15.  I’m pretty happy with the run it had, considering the election is one week away and the current promotion over at CurrClick is for election related materials.  As you can see in the screenshot, All About the […]

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Review of I Am Just Junco at White Sky Project

It’s toot-your-own-horn day here at The Blog, so here I go.  I’m tooting! My blog tour with Bewitching Book Tours is wrapping up soon and I knew I had a review scheduled for tomorrow, but since this was Marketing Monday and I worked my ass off all weekend, I’ve been screwing around this afternoon, just looking for ways to get out of doing more work.  So I figured I’d hop on over to Leah’s blog and see if she posted […]

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The Motherlode of Turkeys

Yesterday was inspection day so I thought I’d chronicle another day in the life of a farm inspector. This day was pretty boring.  I woke up early, got distracted by e-mails and numbers and all sorts of stuff so got on the road late.  Forgot to feed my animals before I left, drove into Denver, thankful I’d be missing Romney’s motorcade out in Golden, picked up my state car (which was a Ford Escape Hybrid. I like that car, it […]

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Top Ten Attributes of Strong Female Characters

In my new series, I Am Just Junco, my main character is Junco, a nineteen year old girl who’s been trained by her country to be an assassin. She’s got mad, kick-ass skills, but she also has some not-so-kick-ass skills that come in handy in a stressful situation. She’s not your typical strong female character (SFC). We all know the stereotypical SFC, right? Katniss, from The Hunger Games – I’m sure she’s on all the lists for her archery skill […]

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Iain M. Banks – The Hydrogen Sonata

I could not resists – BBC interview with Iain M. Banks…one of my favorite authors of all time!  I have The Hydrogen Sonata on my Kindle, but I’m saving it for Christmas break so that I can lock myself away and read it straight through. Please follow and like us:0

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Story Behind the Stories

Story Behind the Stories Have you ever finished a book or a series and wanted to understand more about the details behind the story? If the book is a series you can get this from the next book, but sometimes you get to the last book (or the book was a stand-alone) and you’re still left wondering about certain things. Take my series for instance. The I Am Just Junco series (Clutch, Fledge, Flight) are speculative fiction stories set in […]

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Review of Veil by Aaron Overfield

Veil by Aaron Overfield – Buy on Amazon I don’t know what I expected when I opened this book up in my Kindle for the first time, but it certainly wasn’t what I got! This is a powerful hard- science fiction debut from author Aaron Overfield and I enjoyed it from start to finish. First, here’s the run down: Jin Tsay is the world’s most brilliant scientist. No, really, he is. He discovers a technology that literally changes the world. […]

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Clutch is in the Top 100

This one pretty much speaks for itself!  When I checked Hot New Releases in Books–>Science Fiction–>High Tech…I Am Just Junco was in the Top Twenty four times!  (Clutch twice!  One for paperback and one for Kindle!) And to my surprise, I’ve broken the Top 100 in my category for print books! Go me! Please follow and like us:0

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Tree-Leaf-Seed Hits #1

Two minutes before noon, exactly two hours after I uploaded it to CurrClick, Tree-Leaf-Seed is number one!  🙂  Yes, I AM a science-unit-study-goddess.  And to anyone who thinks marketing is a waste of time, I can only laugh.  I hadn’t spent one second on marketing this month until today.  Hadn’t even looked at my royalties all month.  But I looked today – >$400.  Just as a comparison, last month at this time, with just a little attention in the marketing […]

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Bring on 2014

I am an obsessive planner – I just can’t help it.  It’s not even the end of October and I’ve got the next 15 months planned out. I’m an obsessive plotter too, and this is why my fourth book is stalled right now.  I’m playing around with a few different directions and unlike some writers – I see no purpose of writing everyday just for the hell of it.  Either I’m going in the right direction or I’m weighing my […]

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Non-Fiction Update

I finally finished the Tree-Leaf-Seed course.  I cannot believe how long it took me to get this thing done.  Too much narration for the activities.  Every time I get the bright idea that I’ll narrate all the vocabulary and quizzes so that the little kids can mostly do it on their own, I regret it afterward!  It’s so time consuming.  And boring. Anyway, this is the new promo graphic.  I’ll promote this next week, Monday I think, and it will […]

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Printing Covers

I’ve been struggling with trying to get the covers for Clutch, Fledge, and Flight to print true after they get sent to Createspace, but it just wasn’t happening.  My awesome camera can make just about anything look good, but that middle book has a cover that is almost black in normal light.  Fledge and Flight were even worse.  No way was I printing them like that. I enlisted Scarlett Rugers for some help in adjusting the color and her recommendation […]

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OFFICIAL Release Day for Clutch

Yes, I know it’s been out for two weeks already, but today was the official date that I had in my head when I started this little fiction writing venture at the beginning of the year. What a FANTASTIC day for me!  Seriously, I woke up to a really great review from Kat over at The Book Tart.  Just amazing review that made my whole day.  Then I got a really awesome Goodreads message from a fellow author, Christi Snow, […]

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