RANGE  and MAGPIE are number one and two in cyberpunk hot new releases.  Granted, cyberpunk is not a smokin’ category, but we own it right now because FLIGHT and RANGE are both number five and six in the whole genre.

I’ll take it.

 photo HOTNEW_RANGE_zpseef3c3d1.jpg

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  1. Are they coming as paperbacks also? Or am I going to have to gift myself with a reader to read these?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Junco!!!

    1. Hey Charlie – yes, I will probably get the formatting done soon. I’m on a huge deadline for two more non-Junco books, so the paperbacks are a little late, but by mid-may, they should be out. Sometimes it takes a while to get the covers to print correctly because the art is so dark and detailed, so that takes some back and forth time with the printer.

      1. thanks so much!
        Really don’t like the idea of having to purchase a reader because I like paper back swapping
        The covers are totally awesome think you could make some dinero making T-shirts with your covers.

  2. Congrats!! And how fun to see my Delirium serial up there nipping at your heels. 😉

    And when did cyberpunk become a new category – I just noticed it recently, with my new releases. #awesome

    Best of luck with all your books!

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