Planning the Perfect Release Marketing Tip Monday Part 6

Planning the Perfect Release Marketing Tip Monday Part 6

JA Huss







This week is all about building momentum for your new release using all the other stuff I’ve already talked about. Next week we will discuss one more aspect to The Perfect Year – how to run a sale or box up a series. And then the last video in the series will show you how to plan an entire year using these steps to get to build your career over the long term.

I talk about a few things in the video that needed to have a link or example here.




GUNS (Last Rook & Ronin book)

321 (I have two versions. The first one was the one I used for release in January 2015. The second one I used to help push the audiobook that released in mid 2016)

This was for Meet Me In The Dark

This was the Sexy video I talked about in the course.

This is the Mister Series.

This is the Turning Series.

If you want to check out the campaign I ran on Twitter, just do a general Twitter search for @jahuss to pull up every post that has my name in it. I put my name in every “Tweet This” Giveaway so I can see the results (and you can to, just do the search). You will get tired of scrolling through all my results long before you get to the end. That’s how you use the fuck out of Twitter for a new release.

If you want to see how I used review and excerpt quotes to run FREE Facebook campaigns, just go to my author page here and scroll down until you get to early January posts.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. I check this blog at least once a day and I’ll respond once I see it.

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About JA Huss

JA Huss never wanted to be a writer and she still dreams of that elusive career as an astronaut. She originally went to school to become an equine veterinarian but soon figured out they keep horrible hours and decided to go to grad school instead. That Ph.D wasn’t all it was cracked up to be (and she really sucked at the whole scientist thing), so she dropped out and got a M.S. in forensic toxicology just to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.

After graduation she got a job with the state of Colorado as their one and only hog farm inspector and spent her days wandering the Eastern Plains shooting the shit with farmers. After a few years of that, she got bored. And since she was a homeschool mom and actually does love science, she decided to write science textbooks and make online classes for other homeschool moms. She wrote more than two hundred of those workbooks and was the number one publisher at the online homeschool store many times, but eventually she covered every science topic she could think of and ran out of shit to say.

So in 2012 she decided to write fiction instead. That year she released her first three books and started a career that would make her a New York Times bestseller and land her on the USA Today Bestseller’s List eighteen times in the next three years. Her books have sold millions of copies all over the world, the audio version of her semi-autobiographical book, Eighteen, was nominated for an Audie award in 2016, and her audiobook Mr. Perfect was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017. Johnathan McClain is her first (and only) writing partner and even though they are worlds apart in just about every way imaginable, it works.

She lives on a ranch in Central Colorado with her family.

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  1. Another informative video! Thanks! Ok so I have a question about your favorite topic…Facebook. For the life of me I can’t figure out why they disapproved my last boosted post. I can’t figure out how my ad is any worse than every other sponsored romance author ad I see. The funny thing is they ran it for nearly 36 hours and then pulled it. Do you have any tips or tricks for getting your ads boosted, or have I shot myself in the foot by trying to boost too many prior that were in obvious violation of their policies? Oops.

    1. Yeah, sometimes they fuck up and it’s worth throwing a fit over it. If you feel it meets guidelines, ask them to reevaluate because they often reverse their decision. It’s hard to tell what they find unacceptable because they don’t really know. But yes, if you try too many times to boost a post or run an ad that you KNOW is not going to pass, but you send it through anyway on the off chance that they will miss it and approve, it makes it MUCH harder to get them approved quickly. So be careful of that. I don’t know if they actually reject them more if you do that, but they definitely will take their time and look at everything you do and will start pulling ones that were already approved but now they feel do not meet guidelines. I avoid almost all sexy pics myself. I just don’t have time to keep sending them through.

  2. Hi Julie. Great video. Okay so here’s my question. I will be releasing the second book in a 3 book series and offering the 3rd book for preorder. But I f*cked up the first book’s release. Missing a lot of the steps you detailed today. I like how you promoted The entire Turning Series and not just the first book in that series. Is it too late for me promote the “series” in a similar fashion even though I’ve already released the first book? And if its not too late, should I show images of the first book in any of my release stuff, or would that be too confusing. Should I just feature images of the second book? I hope this makes sense!

    1. Yes, for sure. I’d start promoting the first book again. But even if it doesn’t work the way you’d like, you can always push that first book (and the rest of the series) really hard when you release the last book. The best time to promote a series, any series of any length, is the first book and the last book.

      1. Hi again. Thank you so much for your response to my question, but I have one more which maybe you will touch on in the next video. There are authors who I read who release and sell like gangbusters release week and then sales plummet. Then there are authors like you who have a high release week and then sell steadily until the next release. The fact that you find hundreds of new readers every day who purchase your books is amazing to me. What do you think is the difference between authors who sell steadily like yourself vs authors who sell then drop? Can we achieve that type of steady sales flow without having to invest a lot into facebook ads?

        1. I replied to you in email, but I will reply here too for other people.

          I don’t think most of them are new readers. I think I have a pretty big fan base of readers who have read one or two books, but who are not superfans who read them all as they release. So some probably get in a reading rut, then somehow stumble onto one of my books they haven’t read, and pick one up. I have over 40 books. And most of them sell a few hundred a month, tops. But they all add up.

          I have an amazing read-through rate too. Most people who read, and like, Tragic–and then pick up the second book–will read all the way through the entire series (five full-length novels and three novellas). I have about a 90% read-through rate on that series. The Mister Series has an almost 100% read through rate. Meaning… of the people who read Mr. Perfect and then pick up Mr. Romantic, almost 100% of them read all the way through to the end of the series. My sales across each book after Mr. Perfect are almost identical each month. (If Mr. Romantic sells 1000 books that month, then Romantic, Corporate, Mysterious and Match also all sell 1000 books that month)

          Also, I don’t know how fast the sales drop for other people, and Taking Turns is behaving unusually well, so don’t think that my sales are that much all the time between releases. They aren’t. You saw my graph for November, right? But I think the steady release schedule stops all that bouncing around with sales.STEADY RELEASE EQUALS STEADY SALES. I have a two month release schedule and so by the time the two months is up, my sales are typically between 200-300 a day with no advertising. But then the new release kicks in and I get a reset. So I don’t let the sales drop too far. I’m always on top of it.

          And even though I’m running an ad for The Misters still, I don’t usually do that. I almost NEVER advertise anything outside release week. Ever. But this ad is working well and I’m not spending that much (for me). So why not keep it going? Plus, the audiobooks are releasing this year so it’s good to keep the series fresh to catch the listeners.

  3. This course is gold for any authors trying to make it in the self-publishing world nowadays. Thanks for all the insight! I’m blown away by the wealth of sincere and straightforward information you give out in every video. (And honestly, I’m bummed we’re nearing the end). My one question would be about the impact of book signings and other author events on sales (if any). I’ve heard attending these events doesn’t actually sell books but just going by what I see on facebook, networking with other romance authors does seem to help a lot these days. I’ve seen authors promoting the hell out of each other by sharing teasers, posts and boosting a fellow author during a release and they seem to attend the same events. I’ve also seen photos of excited fans that attend these signings which I assume pushes an author’s visibility and generates buzz. I’m still skeptical that the time, energy and money spent on attending a book event is worth it, or if you’re just better off using that time to write or focus on other forms of marketing.

    1. I think they are good exposure and yes, you get seen by people who would normally not see you. But a new author (not sure where you are in your career) should stay home and write. Even bigger ones too. I’m staying home most of this year. Or just go to one or two. Like the last couple years I did a bunch. So I’m tired of it now. I always sell books at them, but it’s just barely enough to cover my fancy taste in hotels and most of the time doesn’t come close to covering my airfare. (First class, bitches. I earned it). So last year I started giving the books away for free at the signings. Not all of them, but most. And I think people really enjoyed that. I will do it again this year. And you know – I have a one book limit for both the free one and then they can choose to buy an extra – but only one (so I don’t run out of books too early). And I still make the same amount of money as when I was selling all of them and not giving them away for free. So eh, whatever. I just try to make fans happy and that makes fans happy.

  4. Hi Julie,

    I just discovered these videos and I’m working my way through them. They’re great! Just a quick question–did you say you made the trailers yourself?

    1. I usually get the music on Pond5 but sometimes I find it other places. It’s always stock music and you ALWAYS get flagged on YouTube, but you just dispute the claim and they approve it for “no ads”. Because if you don’t dispute the claim they will run ads during your video and the copyright owner gets the money if anyone clicks. I personally hate ads on my videos, so I do not monetize YouTube. (And sorry I’m so late answering. Didn’t see this comment until just now).

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