Misters Box Set SALE and Giveaway!


For the first time ever the Misters have been boxed up and have been put on sale for ONE WEEK ONLY! This set will DISAPPEAR when the sale is over and you won’t get another chance! So if you’ve been holding off on starting The Misters get ALL 5 BOOKS for the PRICE OF ONE!! Normally all five books sell for $25 –  So a HUGE savings!

1600+ PAPERBACK PAGES of sexy mysteries, hot men, exotic locations, and true love!

Five powerful men are looking for love. Friends since college, they have a secret shared past. A shameful allegation ten years ago derailed their privileged lives, upended their college careers, and set them all on a brand new path.


The Misters Box Set

The Misters Box Set

FIVE BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! 1600+ PAPERBACK PAGES of sexy mysteries, hot men, exotic locations, and true love! More info →
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Mr. Perfect, part owner of one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, is back after a long hiatus to sell the company off and retreat back into his private world when he meets fun-loving Ellie on the job. But a little bribe soon turns his dreary life into unending hijinks. Until, that is, he has to admit to what he was involved in ten years ago.

Mr. Romantic, the most infamous (and likely the most guilty too), is trying to change his image when Ivy is sent to his new resort out in the California desert to apply for a job. She’s got ideas for his new venture… but Romantic’s got his own ideas for her. And they don’t involve work. But things turn in a dangerous direction when all the old ghosts come back to haunt him.

Mr. Corporate is a successful corporate head hunter who suddenly finds himself vying for a client with his ex-girlfriend, Victoria. He needs this client, if only to prove to himself that his world isn’t upending. But Victoria needs that same job more. And she’ll do anything to steal it away from him. Until they get stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the Caribbean and danger comes at them from all sides.

Mr. Mysterious is a Hollywood fixer when crazy Cindy shows up at his Malibu beach house insisting she’s his new business partner. Her delusions are cute enough—and downright sexy, if he’s being honest—until he learns who she really is… and then has to explain to his best friend why he’s dating his baby sister.

Mr. Match moved back to his home town to start a dating site after he was kicked out of college. He is, after all, a damn good coder. Even if it’s the black-hat kind. Now all the Misters are crowding him looking for answers only he can provide… answers he’d rather keep hidden on the dark web where he keeps them. But Kat, an old girlfriend, is back, and he’s falling for her hard. But what, if anything, does Kat have to do with what happened with him and his friends ten years ago?  And why did she really come back?



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